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Debbie Allen “The Expert of Experts”

International Business & Brand Strategist & Bestselling Author

Discover the proven step-by-step strategies to becoming a highly paid expert. Position your business for a higher level of success and blow away your competition!

Debbie Allen is your host and main presenter. She has been a professional speaker and international marketing expert for over 20 years. She is one of the highest paid professionals in the industry of speaking and business consulting today. Debbie is an award-winning entrepreneur with four decades of experience in building and selling six million-dollar companies in diverse industries.

Debbie has presented before thousands of people in 28 countries and has clients from around the world. She is a bestselling author of seven books including The Highly Paid Expert and Experts Wisdom. Her expertise has been featured in four motivational movies and dozens of publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, Personal Branding, Sales & Marketing Excellence, Washington Post and USA Today. Learn more about Debbie’s extensive experience at

Featured Guest Experts

Cheri Tree, Sales Communication Expert

 Cherri Tree

Cheri Tree

Cheri has more than 20 years of experience in sales and multimillion dollar income, and is one of the world’s leading authorities in Personality Sales Training. 

Using the B.A.N.K. system, she took her annual income from $75K to over $500K in just 12 months and to over $1 Million within 3 years.

Did you know that 87% of business owners and entrepreneurs don’t feel adequately prepared for sales calls and 66% of prospects are turned off by sales presentations—all because salespeople struggle to effectively communicate the value of an offer.

Learn how to:

  • Beat the odds and master the science of communication, negotiation, and closing more sales for increased revenue.
  • Pinpoint and leverage personality science in the sales process.
  • Quickly connect on a deeper level with your prospects.
  • Maximize the appeal of your core message to communicate clearly and effectively in any situation.

Learn more at

Eve Michaels, Image Empowerment and Personal Branding Expert

Eve Michaels

Eve is a world-renowned Image Empowerment Expert, Speaker, and Author who has helped thousands of men and women become more successful by teaching them to have the right image. Her makeovers have been featured on television in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Eve has over 25 years of experience helping people look their best.

Did You Know That… Most people are not aware of what their image is communicating and that 80% of men and women leave their image to chance, which can undermine their credibility and their ultimate success.

Learn How To:

  • Create A Great First Impression
  • Strategize Your Image For Your Attributes And Expertise
  • Package Yourself Consistently And Powerfully


Lynn Hawks

Lynn Hawks


Lynn Hawks, Co-Owner of CIRCLE TAKE MEDIA INC. and EXPERTS & AUTHORITIES has been an entrepreneur her entire life. She has owned several businesses throughout her career and has dedicated the last 7 years to helping entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, authors, small businesses and non-profit organizations expand their brand awareness through laser focused online marketing strategies that incorporate VIDEO and Social Media engagement.

Building client loyalty, increased online engagement, high level brand representation, all resulting in more business is the mission and passion behind her work. Learn how to define and deliver your UNIQUE Value Proposition, present with “heart” in the most effective and dynamic manner possible… VIDEO.

Learn more at

Mark & Shannon

Mark & Shannon

5 Easy Ways To Get More Speaking Gigs

Mark & Shannon are a powerhouse couple with infectious energy that inspires and ignites a passion in their audience. They teach Experts, Speakers & Coaches how to get more speaking gigs, rock their talk and attract a flood of high paying clients using speaking.

Mark Grainger has executed some of the biggest brands in the world, Harley Davidson, AFLAC, Porsche and Mariott International. Shannon Law has shared the stage with the Top Speakers in the Industry…Lisa Sasevich, Mark Victor Hansen and Loral Langemeier. She’s produced events that have generated over 1/2 million dollars in 1 weekend!

They’re known for getting RESULTS… their proven “Speak Your Path” System has helped their clients generate over $7.9M in the last 12 months alone!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn…

  • The #1 Secret To Attracting More Gigs Everywhere You Go!
  • How To Get Booked On More Stages (It’s Easier Than You Might Think!)
  • The “Speak Your Path To Cash” System To Turn FREE Talks Into $10K+

Tiffany Largie

There was no magic bullet for coast-to-coast business and sales strategist, Tiffany Largie. She went from being a single mom to building three six-figure businesses, and on to a seven-figure business by the age of 30.

Tiffany began with no capital, but sheer hard work and determination.

Today she helps people create the income, influence, and impact they dream of. She’s the creator of Onwards to Freedom, a group which offers business training and support to idea-driven entrepreneurs. She speaks around the world on sales strategy, entrepreneurship, and profit building.


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